Fall Questions

My friend, Leigh, tagged me in this Fall question fest. I love fall, so I felt compelled to participate---maybe if I participate it will FEEL more like fall.

Do you like Starbucks? And are you a fan of their seasonal coffees?
Not really.  There's just a ton of hype and the fact that they charge like $84 per cup of coffee seems excessive.  The only saving grace is that they make a good molasses cookie. 

How do you decorate and prepare for Fall?
We will definitely carve pumpkins and I'll get a few mums for the front porch.  It's actually good timing because my bagonias (sp?) are starting to look iffy.  Though I'm sure if I watered them they'd jump right back. 

Will you participate in your college's homecoming activities?
No, but if I still lived in Greenville, we'd at least be at the parade.  I miss going to football games.

What is your favorite Fall clothing item or accessory?
It's not really a favorite since I get all weepy when I have to pack my flip-flops away for the winter, but I guess it would have to be my Sperry's.  I love good comfortable shoes.

What was your favorite Halloween costume as a kid?
I don't really remember having a favorite.

Do you like Halloween/Horror movies? Do you have a favorite?
No.  Not my cup of tea.  The typical horror movies are cheesy and the serious ones freak me out.  After I watched Mothman Prophecy, I ran everytime I saw the woods.
What is your favorite Fall Activity?
Going to pumpkin patches, carving pumpkins and Halloween.

What is your favorite Fall recipe?
Pumpkin bread.  Mmmmm.

And then she added eight more quickie questions, and here they are:

What movie coming out soon are you looking forward to seeing?
I don't really do movies, but I'll steal Leigh's for this one...Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

What will you miss most about Summer?
My flip-flops.

When do you start your holiday shopping?
Right here in the next week or two.

Favorite exercise/activity?
I'm really enjoying softball right now.  As far as working out, I really love the elliptical.  I wish I had one in my house.  But not the regular kind--the gym quality ones that actually have a really long stride.
Best book you've read lately?
I haven't read a lot lately because when I do read, I get COMPLETELY engrossed and kinda neglect things that I should be doing around the house. 
Do you make your bed every day?
Yes.  It's just nice to get into a nicely made bed at night.

If you could choose a personal chef or a personal shopper, which would you choose?
Personal Chef!!  Shopping is something to do out of the house so I'm not giving that up (even though the kids drive me crazy).  Plus, a personal chef could cook healthy foods that taste good and I wouldn't have to go through the hassle of figuring out a healthy menu. 

Which TV show are you most excited for this Fall?
Big Bang Theory, The Office, maybe Mythbusters (yeah, I know)

I think I'm supposed to tag people, but pretty much anyone I would tag has already done it, so I'll just let you guys sit in amazement that I actually took a few minutes to post. :P

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